"If Obama Did That ..." A Conversation on the 25th Amendment

Publisher’s Cut Podcast
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B|E Media Exclusive

B|E Note Publisher Charles Ellison talks with Martin Pratt, B|E Note Senior Editor about a “What If?” question that’s on many minds ….

If President Obama had engaged in conduct that was perceived as treasonous and/or criminal, how would Republicans have reacted back then?

Recent revelations from former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe have sparked conversation surrounding use of the 25th Amendment to unseat or oust President Trump from the White House due to executive malfeasance, corruption and mounting concerns about his relationship with the Russian government. Ellison and Pratt suggest the current president is still receiving an enormous degree of wiggle room and latitude that would not have been afforded to Obama. The two explore scenarios and discuss whether racial and partisan considerations are being overlooked in the current debate. President Obama would have been treated very differently had he engaged in similar behavior.