Here's Your Quick Super Tuesday Primer

Always good to have a guide to understand exactly what today is all about & how it might play out ...

Publisher’s Riff

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Lots of Americans (and the world) are watching “Super Tuesday” and wondering exactly what that all means and what’s taking place. In a nutshell: it’s that one single presidential primary day with the largest number of jurisdictions in play, 15 total, and the largest share of “pledged party delegates” (about 1,357 delegates or 68 percent of the total 1,991 majority delegates needed to win the Democratic nomination).

Super Tuesday States & U.S. Territories

Super Tuesday 2020: What you need to know

Delegate Count So Far (NY Times) …

What are the polls saying? (FiveThirtyEight & RCP) …

Who’s Surging? (Morning Consult)