Did Trump Kill Soleimani To Win John Bolton’s Loyalty Back?

Bolton did just get the war with Iran that he's always wanted

Dr. G.S. Potter | Contributing Editor

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When President Trump ordered airstrikes which killed Iran’s top general Qasem Soleimani, of course Jon Bolton was watching. The murder of Soleimani prompted counter-strikes by the Iranian military, summoned bipartisan denouncements from both Democrats and Republicans alike, and motivated the person described as, possibly, being the most feared man in the White House to tweet congratulations and support …

Three days after John Bolton tweeted out his support for the White House’s attack on Iran, he then issued a statement on his website reading:

I have concluded that, if the Senate issues a subpoena for my testimony, I am prepared to testify.

Just a day later, Trump began publicly laying the groundwork for Bolton’s supposed ignorance. On January 7th, Trump stated on camera that (per Axios):

… former national security adviser John Bolton ‘would know nothing about what we’re talking about’ if he testified in the Senate impeachment trial, adding that it will be ‘up to the lawyers’ and the Senate to decide whether he appears.

While current analysis of Trump’s attack on Iran focus on the geopolitical and national security ramifications that we now face, there is one threat that has escaped the attention of the mainstream media: Trump may have killed Soleimani in exchange for John Bolton’s loyalty through the impeachment trial.

Bolton, two days after Iran staged its ballistic missile strike against U.S. military assets in Iraq, could appear ready to accept that offer as we see here …

Don’t forget: Bolton is a notorious “war hawk” that has been relentlessly pushing the barrels of war in the direction of Iran for decades. As one of the people “in the room” for Trump’s infamous call with Ukrainian minister Volodymyr Zelensky, Bolton has the power to turn the tables of the impeachment trial entirely.

Not wanting to leaving anything to chance, Trump needs Bolton’s loyalty throughout the impeachment trial if he is to successfully carry through both impeachment and the 2020 Election. Bolton needs nothing. He wants war with Iran. And he just got it.

If Donald Trump did negotiate a quid pro quo with John Bolton that includes an attack on Iran in exchange for loyalty during the Senate impeachment trial, Americans should know about it. And we should be prepared to respond in 2020.