Biden Surges Further Ahead, "Mayor Pete" Hits a Black Wall

Meanwhile: Kamala Harris is just stuck; Warren's ceiling; Beto and Booker in Polling Purgatory

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Despite a very awkward start burdened by #MeToo accusations, reluctant Charlottesville residents and highly skeptical social justice activists questioning his checkered 1994 crime bill and 1970s anti-busing past, Joe Biden continues surging ahead, gaining more ground this week than last. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders is in a very distant second. And some of Pete Buttigieg’s luster begins to wear off this week as he begins to recognize and scramble feverishly for Black voters … who, for the most part, still don’t know (or trust) who he is. Also: Kamala Harris is just stuck. A quick overall look at the race (and don’t forget to compare notes with last week ) …

Overall Polling

Morning Consult


FiveThirtyEight (Top Polls)

FiveThirtyEight (Top Endorsements)

Key Demographics


Hill/Harris (5/6)

Trump Approvals

This week’s average: 43.75% (+0.8)

Last week’s average: 42.95%








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