A Biden Dip. And Is There a Mayor Pete Surge ... or a Warren One?

Plus: Public Can't Make up It's Mind on Impeachment

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There isn’t a whole lot of change this week in the Democratic primary compared to the previous week. Although we do see a dip of several percentage points in Joe Biden’s RCP Average. One candidate receiving some extra attention this past week is Pete Buttigieg, who attempts to rally Democratic voters behind him with attacks on Donald Trump’s Vietnam-era draft dodging. Funny thing, though, is there are not many signs of “Mayor Pete” surging (outside of conversation) like many other observers say he is. But, maybe it’s not really him that’s surging - maybe it’s Elizabeth Warren. Meanwhile, Democrats appear on shaky ground with impeachment: Democrats know what they want to do, but do Americans know what Americans want to do? (don’t forget to look at the last week for a comparison) …

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